2018 Speakers

Jimmy Rosenberg

Founder, Evolution Fresh

It began for Jimmy over 30 years ago when he picked an orange from a tree in his backyard. Just one handpicked orange, squeezed into pure juice perfection. He went on to start Naked, which was acquired by PepsiCo, then Evolution Fresh, which was acquired by Starbucks.

Eric Wettlaufer

Co-Owner & CEO, Goodnature

Eric is the creator of some of the industry’s favorite tools for making cold pressed juice, including the X1-Mini. An engineer and holder of multiple patents, he is a proponent of minimal processing and believes innovators should work towards keeping food simpler and more natural, without relying on added chemicals and processing steps.

Charlie Wettlaufer

President & CMO, Goodnature

As a 2nd generation owner of Goodnature, Charlie has had the pleasure of being surrounded by the juicing industry since before he can even remember. Charlie started the first commercial juicing blog in 2014, and has spent most of his time developing the wonderful juicing community and connecting like-minded people. Charlie hosts a juicing podcast (Cold Pressed Truth), and was the lead in organizing the first JuiceCon in 2018. Charlie and his brother Eric launched the Juice Makers Association in 2018, and will be presenting it to the world at this year's event.

Daina Trout

Co-Founder, Health-Ade Kombucha

Daina Trout co-founded Health-Ade Kombucha in 2012 alongside her husband, Justin Trout, and best friend, Vanessa Dew, in Los Angeles. Daina, who has Masters’ degrees in Nutrition and in Public Health from Tufts University, was working in corporate America when she decided to pursue her passion for “real” food and develop the best-tasting, highest quality kombucha on the market. Under her fearless leadership, Health-Ade has grown from a small production, artisanal item made in Daina’s tiny apartment and sold at local farmer’s markets into the fastest growing brand in the category that is now available in more than 12,000 stores and restaurants nationwide.

Jordan Rosendale

Founder and CEO, JK Juices

Jordan has grown her juice business from farmers' market cooler to juice truck, to recently opening a storefront. She has shared her 5-year juice journey on YouTube for millions to see and is the author of "How to Start a Juice Truck".

Andrew McFarlane

Founder and CEO, StartAJuiceBar.com

Andrew is an actor turned entrepreneur. After 15 years in the entertainment industry, Andrew turned his passion for health into a thriving Juice Business with multiple store fronts. He is the founder of the Start A Juice Bar agency, which has been helping hopeful entrepreneurs launch juice bars all over the world for nearly a decade.

Ari Sexner

Juice Business Consultant & Author

Ari is a full time juice business consultant and published author with his book "The Juicing Companion." He has a genuine love for juice, and all aspects of food and beverage. Prior to moving into the juicing industry, Ari worked as a full time chef for over ten years in some of the finest dining establishments in America. He started focusing on juice in 2014 and since then has helped hundreds of juice companies go from initial concept to opening day, working with them on every aspect of the business including creating recipes, training staff, planning menus, managing costs and inventory, and more.

Joyce Longfield

HPP and Food Safety Consultant

Since 2010, Joyce has been guiding companies on the applications and validation of using HPP to treat food and beverages. Currently she is the chair person for the Cold Pressure Council (CPC), and is also co-chairing the Juice Task Force which is a collaboration of academia, government and industry experts to improve upon the validation requirements for juices.

Annie Parks

Founder, The Balanced Bee

Since opening The Balanced Bee in 2016, Annie has grown her juice + broth restorative to 3 retail locations, also servicing 4 Fortune 500 corporate locations onsite and serving athletes from all over the country. With a degree in Kinesiology + Integrative Nutrition, Annie enjoys crafting juice + broth menu’s designed for those seeking to look better, feel better, and think better without compromising their health or the earth!

Katie Raquel

Founder, Katie's Coldpress

Katie started her certified organic juice company in Monterey, California shortly after becoming a new mom, and works every day to balance running her business with raising three young children. She believes parents have unique skills that help them thrive as entrepreneurs, and cannot wait to share the strategies and mindsets that have helped her navigate both roles.

Kenny Lao

CEO, Culinary Task Force

Kenny is an experienced hospitality entrepreneur who applies his depth of industry knowledge to founders and hospitality executives looking to develop, open or refine their restaurant or food and beverage concepts. Honors include being a UBS/Clinton Foundation Fellow, recognized in Crain’s 40 Under 40, and Inc. Magazine's 30 Under 30.

Hanna Gregor

Founder, OH Juice

OH’s mission is to connect communities with nutritious options made with local ingredients. OH is Hanna’s representation of a new way of living that embraces the healing forces of natural ingredients and complete sustainability. She carefully hand picks the highest-quality produce Southern California has to offer with a variety of international exotic spices and rare superfoods packed with nutrition.

Timothy Nickerson + Michelle Nickerson

Founders, Maine Juice Co.

Tim and Michelle started Maine Juice Co. as an online delivery business. It's since grown to a high volume retail store in Portland, Maine. All of Maine Juice Co. locations are 100% USDA Organic Certified. Maine Juice Co. infuses full spectrum CBD in their juices, smoothies and snacks. Tim is extremely knowledgeable in all types of CBD & THC extraction. As well as infusing/emulsifying these full spectrum oils into juices. Michelle is a professional in marketing and customer interaction.

Dan Schwartz

VP Operations, Dr Smood

Dan has been working in the food industry for over 5 years helping source the finest and freshest organic ingredients for his companies. Most recently at Dr Smood he has been instrumental in opening multiple production facilities and 11 cafes in New York and Miami.

    Lia Chmil

    Supply Chain Manager, Dr Smood

    Lia has extensive food industry experience helping to establish comprehensive supply chains across multiple states. When she’s not buying organics, she’s eating organics.

    Shizu Okusa

    Founder & CEO, Wellthy & Co

    Shizu Okusa is the Founder & CEO of Wellthy & Co, a family of direct-to-consumer wellness brands, including JRINK, a cold-pressed juice subscription company, and Apothékary, a plant-based farmacy disrupting the healthcare space. She is also the Co-Founder of Canteen, a new SaaS platform taking "bricks-and-mortar" businesses to digitally native "bricks-to-clicks". Shizu has a proven executive management track record with over 8 years of business experience in all sectors of accounting, finance, tech, to marketing & sales. Prior to starting , Shizu was an Investment Associate at the World Bank’s private equity arm, IFC Asset Management Company, and had originally started her career at Goldman Sachs on the trading floor. She's a contributor to Arianna Huffington's Thrive Global Network and mentors a handful of other female founders globally.

    Adrienne Steele

    Founder, ASC Consultants

    Adrienne Steele has spent the last 20 years in all areas of food service and manufacturing operations. Her company ASC Consultants helps companies grow their businesses from the ground up focusing on Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Food Safety. Her experience includes Executive Chef, R&D Chef, Pastry Chef and Director of Product Development, managing organic compliance and HACCP.

    B. Baba

    Epic Renewal

    Baba is multifaceted entrepreneur with a passion for transforming the way business interacts with the greater community. A systems thinker focused on finding simple and efficient solutions to complex problems, he aims to create a healthier world through better, affordable, and responsible solutions. His current work centers on the development of new tools, technologies, and processes to build a brighter future.

    Lakeasha Brown

    Founder, 1987 Juices

    LaKeasha is the founder of the online juice bar that promotes an all-around healthy lifestyle with cleansing options and in-person community events. She is the creator of 87FEST, a fitness, music and arts festival in downtown Los Angeles. Brown has also been featured as a event instructor and beverage partner for Stevie Wonder’s KJLH Women’s Health Forum.

    M'Lissa Story

    Founder, High Lift Juicery

    As a social entrepreneur M’Lissa started High Lift Juicery, a raw, organic, cold-pressed juice business that has become her vehicle to cultivate community-focused economic development. While the mainstream is chanting, “Go Big, or Go Home,” M’Lissa believes strongly that there is an inherent need to focus on the hyperlocal— cultivating partnerships with local businesses; encouraging social enterprise & entrepreneurship while innovating for a thriving local economy.

    Tess Feigenbaum

    Epic Renewal

    Tess is a designer and strategist passionate about creating positive impact through meaningful design. Her practice is built on the belief that impact is the culmination of small choices - as a result, she's dedicated her career to making the right choices easier. Her background in strategy consulting and design for social impact drives her to connect unlikely dots, and seek new, innovative solutions to big social and environmental challenges that cross sectors and industries.